In 2005, I decided to move across the country with a passion to make my dreams of being an artist come true. Little did I know that moving to Chicago was going to be the best thing I could have ever done. I moved with two suitcases full of acrylic paint and blank canvas, found an apartment in Wrigleyville with a huge basement and put everything I had into selling my artwork. I started to slowly sell original paintings but found the art world very intimidating and uptight. Some galleries wouldn't give me the time of day, and others would take such a high percentage from the sales. I started to see how exclusive the art world can be and it didn't resonate with me.

So I took things into my own hands and vowed to make my art accessible and approachable without the "snooty tooty" art world attitude and prices. Everyone can and should be able to collect art that they love. I wanted to deliver an authentic art experience to novices and even experts that would offer an affordable, fun, unexpected and colorful take on the art buying process. Thus, "The Lew Shop" was born with the foundation that we take art seriously, but we certainly aren't hoity-toity about it. 

The Lew Shop launches with a series of museum quality giclée prints on canvas. My mission was to create limited edition prints that would be equal to the pieces found in major museum collections around the world but accessible and easily acquired to bring into your home. 

The Lew Shop is a dream come true and I couldn't have made it a reality without the support of the Chicago community and many friends and family members. After 10 years living in Chicago, I thank you all for your support and interest in my artwork. It has been a wonderful journey to get here and I am so excited to share my art with you and the world.

Thank you,





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