Inspiration Behind the New Matthew Lew Art Prints

My newest art collection consists of over 25 new limited edition art prints all inspired by horizontal, vertical and natural lines and stripes found in our day to day urban jungle as well as a tropical paradise. To view the entire new collection of art prints please CLICK HERE.
1. Ancient Asian Blossoms were inspired by the horizontal stripes of sunsets overlooking a body of water and foliage from my recent trip to Kauai, Hawaii. The colors from watching sunsets in the ocean or over a lake are very vibrant and varied. I wanted to capture those moments in three panels while overlaying a nature element that is cohesive in tying all three panels together. 
2. Chicago On the Sidelines III Series were all inspired by driving down Lake Shore Drive and being surround by so many huge and vertical skyscrapers. This entire collection is inspired by vertical lines and the shapes that surround us in an urban environment.
3. Subway Map Print is inspired by the subway system, all of it's connections and the paths that it creates on a daily basis. I love the horizontal and vertical lines that it can create in an abstract pattern. I was inspired by the CTA map in Chicago and the MTA in New York City.
4. City Palms I and City Palms II were inspired by my travels to Hawaii, by using some of my photography mixed in with an abstract form of skyscrapers and showcasing the pops of color from the tropical skies of Kauai, Hawaii. My new collection is intrigued with lines, shapes and using vertical stripes by creating an abstract, unexpected and colorful piece of art.
5. North South and East West are a series of photographs taken from looking down into Times Square from above watching the busy traffic, but also noticing how shapes and patterns are made by streets, traffic and people. I was inspired to create two pieces that would mimic how lines and the flow of movement in a city can create a dynamic pattern.
6. Cool Rain was inspired by vertical rain drops in tropical Kauai, Hawaii and the shape rain makes. After spending some time on the North side of the island (which happens to be the wettest spot on earth), I was inspired to create a painting that captured what it felt like to be consumed and surrounded by a giant rainstorm while hiking the Napali Coast. 
7. Chicago Urban Colors (set of 4) was inspired by my love of Chicago and wanting to create something that could graphically portray the diverse amount of inspiring and beautiful architecture we have in the city. Every corner has a new angle of inspiration. 
8. Hidden Gold Bamboo and Hidden Blue Bamboo were inspired by a meditation garden in Kauai, Hawaii. I loved the vertical lines and height each bamboo stalk embodied. They reminded me of tall skyscrapers, but born from nature not a concrete jungle. 
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