Artist Matthew Lew takes you through 6 easy steps to transform your boring wood door into a vintage metal piece of art. All you need is tape, primer, paint and 48 hours to transform your door from boring wood into a vintage "faux" metal finish door.
1. Place "Masking Tape" along the door and map out a pattern that mimics rectangular shapes similar to a meat locker, bank safe or vintage metal door. I put two layers of masking tape ontop of each line to create an elevated surface. Depending on how thick you want each line to be, you can add as many masking tape layers as desired. A ruler and/or level will help keep your tape lines straight.
2. Add details to mimic bolts and nail heads in each corner of the rectangular shapes you mapped out with scotch tape. I used self-adhesive round vinyl bumpers (that prevent scratching and sliding from furniture) because they stick to the door and it is really easy to get that nail head look without having to nail into the door. You can purchase those HERE!
3. Prime the entire door with white or grey primer paint. Be sure to tape off all the edges around and inside the door frame. Paint over all the masking tape, handles, knobs and floor buffers you just applied to the door. Let the first coat dry for at least one to two hours before applying another coat. I used a primer that sticks to all surfaces to make sure the applied paint won't crack or wear off. Let the door completely dry for 24 hours before moving on to the next step. 
4. With "Gold Metallic" paint, cover the masking tape outline to build a texture and deepen the vintage-metal look. Let the gold metallic paint dry for one to three hours. Be sure to cover all of the handles, bolts, masking tape that you want highlighted. 
5. Then with silver metallic paint, a sponge or washcloth, start to cover the entire door. Any pattern or brush stroke will start to build a metallic metal looking texture. I also bought stainless steel paint from my local Home Depot to add in highlights around the masking tape and help bring in another metal texture to the door. You can also choose to add in door bolting and locking hardware to help embellish the look of it being a heavy metal door.
6. Whollah! You have a finished vintage painted metal door. You can add more shading or highlights (maybe even some brown acrylic paint to the mix to get more of a weathered look in the corners). All it takes is 48 hours and you can have a vintage metal hand painted front door.
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