New Lew at CB2!

We are excited this season to have new "Matthew Lew" pillows and rugs sold in CB2 stores across the country and Canada! We were inspired by florals, geometric patterns and an unexpected cool cat named "Keaton".

To take a look at all my current designs sold in CB2 stores, please visit: 

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1."Mingled" Pillow

I was inspired from Sunday mornings as a child when "I'd spend hours in church as a kid looking out the window and imagining all the stained glass colors and shapes into new patterns." I wanted to bring in some fun pops of color while rendering shifting shades of primary colors similar to the shapes that are formed in a kaleidoscopic view.

2. "Keaton" Pillow

This cat is one cool cat! Wearing his feline-sized fedora, striped bow-tie and red oversized rims, I wanted to envision Keaton as "an ivy League hipster . . . who's artsy, educated, loves microbreweries, and loves to knit cool bowties and scarves." This pillow is currently on back order but will be shipping again in mid April.

3. "Nepali Flower" Pillow

I was inspired through hiking trips on the Napali coast in Kauai, Hawaii. My favorite place on the planet is this secret beach hidden off the northern shore and I loved watching all the flowers bloom, so I was inspired to paint some of the flowers on water color paper and bring those back home with me. The painting was then screen printed onto the pillow's cotton fabric.

4. "Reinas" Rug

I was inspired by bold pops of color "that would burst out on the floor, and also by the stripes on big top circus tents." I was obsessed with the circus theme this past Fall and wanted to bring in something that was whimsical and graphic at the same time.  Hand tufted of European wool, shades of burnt orange, grey, blue and dark taupe will make any room POP!

5. "Sunset Boulevard" Rug

This rug is one of my favorite rugs I have ever created! I was inspired by "watching the sunset and looking at all the different tones in the sky as the sun dips beyond the horizon. Salvaged from the cutting room floor of textiles factories, strips of cotton are hand picked by color, then handtuffted into a replica of my original watercolor art piece.



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